John Grimes

Our Values

John Grimes Sawmills Ltd is a business with personality. We are very willing and able to serve the needs and expectations of our customers.

We at John Grimes Sawmills Ltd, extend to all existing and new customers, our goodwill. We are a business with ethical and true ‘family’ values.

At the very heart of our company is a commitment to maintain our ethos now and into the future. We re committed to our staff so that we can maintain continuity in our manufacturing environment.

Building and maintaining quality of service as well as a quality product is key to the John Grimes Sawmills Ltd ethos. A quote worth consideration is “goodwill may be termed the personality of a business, it is the product of growth founded on the ability and will to serve.”

All our wood is sourced and supplied from within the British Isles. We pride ourselves as being a British manufacturer supplying to our home market.

We possess Chain of Custody under certificate No. SGSCH-COC-020040.  This covers all our quality fence panels, trellis, gates and bagged kindling/firewood.

We work to forge strong working ‘partnerships’ with our customers and suppliers so as to endeavour to ensure our product quality expectations are met and if possible exceeded.

Our supplying mills understand our procurement standards and remain receptive to all matters, whether it be a new dimension for a new product or merely responding to production concerns.

We combine both traditional hand manufacturing and machine assembly methods across our range of products. This affords us a higher degree of flexibility as most of our staff can adapt to differing tasks as our constantly changing market requires.

John Grimes Sawmills Ltd staff, have extensive experience within the wood industry, from round-wood sawmilling through to most modern manufacturing technologies. We consider we are ideally placed to adapt and evolve to our market needs.